As we move into the end of a challenging year, let's shift gears AND focus! Let's create a vision board together that outlines who you were, are, are destined to be and want to become. We will do a deep breathing practice to help you tap into your core, outline some board basics, create, laugh and share (if you're comfortable). A shopping list will be provided to you 2 weeks before the date so you can get all the materials you'll need. It will be held via Facebook live on 12/31/2020 at 4pm EST. Access is only $4.99 😉.

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Remember, YOU are the expert in yourself and the VISIONARY of your life! 💜

With welcoming August 2020, Lifestyle Motives got an upgrade! New site, new merchandise and new content.

I am so excited and humbled to see how things have grown and changed over the past few months. That includes Lifestyle Motives as a business and me, Natasha, as a brand.

August is a tough month for me emotionally but, THIS year feels different. The pain is there but my resolve is evolved. I have new momentum and hope. Pride in my clients and focus on being their support, partner, educator and cheerleader.

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It can be the most stressful, time-consuming, bad decision encouraging day of our nutrition lives, grocery shopping day. Using these tips, I was able to turn this day from one I avoided until I was starving (or broke!) to one that is manageable AND affordable. I hope to create a video on this in the future that will be shared on Facebook to the group Busy Nutrition. Check it out! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! God Bless you!


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