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Black History Month 2023

Hey loves, Welcome Home

Welcome to February! This is the time of year that I love and connect to on a deeper level, Black History Month. Black history is so MUCH MORE than what is learned through traditional western education. It began in ANCIENT times, not with slavery. There are many black and brown communities that have added to the culmination that is black history in various ways. Of course, I am going to touch on this from the Lifestyle Motives perspective.

The use of food as fuel and medicine has been shown to go as far back as being scribed on papyrus in Ancient Egypt (and this is only what we have found so far!). It often saddens me that we have lost sight of this or ventured into the extremes of either "eastern" or "western" medicine when they can be joined together for optimal results. The holistic approach is meant to look at the whole person, including the parts that need additional care. For thousands of years, we have lived off the land, cultivated our medicine, brought forth and maintained life. 2023 should show advancement but rather, we are in a health crisis and have strayed the furthest away from our roots. This is no coincidence, in my humblest opinion.

So for Black History Month, I challenge us! Let's get back to our roots with the simplest practices:

  1. Research at least 1 herb that may benefit you mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally and find ways to incorporate it this month. For me, it will definitely be ginger, turmeric and moringa leaf.

  2. Discover a new NATURAL food to explore OR spin the block on something you originally wrote off but has some good benefits. I will be working on okra (my former arch nemesis).

  3. Read a book (or audible) that expands your knowledge of your most ancient and higher self. I think I may re-read Hold My Mule (Zora Neale Hurston) and Sacred Woman (Queen Afua). I am always discovering something new so this may change but I will start here.

  4. Write down at least 1 thing per day that brings you PRIDE and HONOR as a person of color.

  5. Give gratitude every step of the way.

Let me know what you decide or check in on social media! Have a blessed and productive month.

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