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How Food Affects Your Mood

Hey loves, Welcome Home

Let’s talk about the food and mood connection! Your gut is actually called your 2nd brain. The

bacteria levels in your gut can determine the messages that your brain receives. Good balance

equals better neurotransmitters (the messages that release the feel good chemicals).

Junk foods = inflammation = poor message reception = bad mood.

Here are 5 facts:

1. Change takes time but lasts the longest! Give it a week or 2 to see a difference.

2. The Mediterranean diet (rich in whole food and healthy fats), can reduce


3. 90% of the feel good chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, etc.) is made in the gut.

4. Reducing the caffeine and sugars in the diet can improve symptoms of anxiety and


5. Exercise, coping tools, support, therapy and hugs are all part of the equation.

Exercise supports better digestion and the balance of gut bacteria.


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