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The New 'Normal'

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Hey loves, Welcome Home

Welcome to April (well, 7 days in lol!). I pray everyone has been doing well. staying safe and most importantly staying WELL!

The world has been changing at a rapid pace and it’s causing a SHIFT in life as we know it. For some, social distancing is a struggle and for others a needed blessing. But either way, make sure you are taking steps to amp up your self care.

The better you feel, the more PRESENT you can be to connect with the people and/or pets you live with, work on a goal (if you have a current one), home school your little companions or even fully relax. Here are 11 tips to help you quarantine in a healthy way!

  1. Turn OFF the media/limit screen time.

  2. Read

  3. Put jeans on!! good way to monitor weight fluctuations without a scale

  4. Make your bed and GET DRESSED! (even makeup some days)

  5. Get sun safely and MOVE YOUR BODY!

  6. Wash and disinfect surfaces in your home.

  7. Meditate

  8. DETOX!! (life, people, your body, etc.)

  9. Create whatever makes your heart smile

  10. Pray and connect with your higher power, then the self



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